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Argentine citizenship

¿Who has the right to acquire the argentine nationality? 

Those who have the right to acquire the argentine nationality are the children of an argentine father or mother (regardless being native or by option) that were born abroad, no matter their age, even when the argentine father or mother has passed away.  
Those who can´t apply for the argentine nationality are family members of argentine citizens (such us the spouse, grand children or the siblings), despite some of them having the right to reside in Argentina. Please see “Permanent resident visas).

Dual nationality

It is not a requirement to give up (renounce) to another nationality to acquire the argentine nationality by choice. However, losing the foreign nationality will be a matter of the foreign in country in question.

¿Where can I apply for the nationality?

First you need to contact the Argentine Consulate corresponding to your place of residence or you can apply directly in Argentina.
For those who were born abroad but NOT in the United Kingdom, they will need to go to the Argentine Consulate corresponding to their country of birth in order to register the birth certificate. For more information please contact:


Under 18:

1. Original birth certificate of the argentine mother or father who is transferring the nationality to his or her child. ¿How to obtain the Argentine birth certificate? Please visit

2. It is compulsory that the certificate of the minor “long form” is certified with the Apostille of The Hague by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. (The Apostille of The Hague is issued by The Foreign Office and will be attached to your birth certificate).  Please visit Please note that the Consulate does not return the documents as they are keep in the Civil Registry Book.
Please make sure that the names of the parents that appear on the British birth certificate are identical as the ones that appear on their argentine DNI or PASSPORT in the case of foreigners.
The birth certificate does not need to be translated.

3. If both parents are argentine you will need both DNIs. In the case of one parent being foreigner you will need the PASSPORT.

4. A document that proves the identity of the interested party.

5. Two photos 4x4 (close-up, white background and eyes open).

These requirements are mandatory. Should you fail to meet one of the requirements, the Consulate will not issue your certificate.

¿How do I book and appointment?

The interested party needs to make photocopies of all the documents mentioned above in addition to a cover letter including the address, e mail, telephone number and if it is urgent. You can send this by post to “27 Three Kings Yard, London W1K 4DF” or you can come to the Consulate between our opening hours.

Once the documentation has been checked, you will be given an appointment by e mail. Due to a high demand for the Argentine Citizenship, there might be a waiting time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

¿What is done on the day of appointment?

You will need to come to the Consulate and allow at least two hours.
If the interested party is under 18, both parents will need to be present with the child. *If one of the parents has passed away, you will need to show the death certificate. If the interested party is over 18 there is no need to come with parents.

On the day of the appointment you must bring all the original documents. The Consulate will carry out the paper work for the Argentine Citizenship. You will also apply for a DNI that will be issued in Argentina which can take between 3 to 6 months to arrive at the Consulate.

Once your DNI arrives you will be able to apply for a biometric passport at our Consulate.

You will have to pay for the Citizenship and for the DNI *we only accept debit cards.

Once you have applied for the Argentine Citizenship and DNI, you will be given a paper showing that your DNI is being processed and a certificate of the registration of birth equivalent to a temporary Argentine Birth Certificate. The definite Birth Certificate will arrive at the Consulate once the interested party has been registered in the Central Civil Register in Buenos Aires. This can take up to five years.

Argentine citizenship to children of Argentines parents by option

This procedure is different to the one where children of native argentines parents acquire the argentine citizenship. In this case, a child will not be granted the argentine nationality by the signature of the Notary Act. Instead, it must be approved before a judge in Argentina and this can take approximately two to three years.

The documents to be presented are the same. If one the parents by option does not have the birth certificate, he or she will have to show a citizenship letter where he or she has been granted the Argentine Nationality.

On the day of the appointment (if the child is a minor or above 18) both parents will sign a certificate by option and a power of attorney asking the Argentine court to grant the Argentine Nationality to his or her child (in the case of a minor) or to the interested party (if above 18). Once the citizenship letter has arrived confirming that the interested party has acquired the argentine citizenship, he or she will be able to apply for the first DNI. Once the DNI has arrived, which can take up to six month; he or she will then be able to apply for a biometric passport.

Should you have any quarries regarding the Argentine Citizenship please do not hesitate to contact us via e mail to or call us on 020 73181346 from 14hs to 16hs.