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Visa inquiries and appointments must be requested and scheduled ONLY by the following email address Include full name, nationality, dates of travel, and purpose of the trip.

All inquiries must be submitted in writing by email. We do not answer inquiries by phone or check applications by email.

Applicants with diplomatic passport, please contact the Argentine Embassy.

The Consulate will remain closed during Argentine and UK bank holidays.

All applications must be submitted with a prior appointment and in person. Failure to provide the requirements will result in the cancellation of the appointment and delays to your travel plans.
If you are travelling as part of a group, please inform this when booking the appointment, including number of applicants, nationalities, dates of travel, and purpose of the trip.

The Consulate strongly encourages applicants to apply at least 30 days in advance of their proposed journey and to refrain from making irrevocable travel plans until the visa has been issued. However, in some cases applicants would need to apply 90 days in advance. Please confirm with us by email.

On the day of the appointment you must submit your full application at reception, pay the processing fee and wait to be interviewed by the Consul. Please be aware this could take up to 3 hours.

The fee varies depending on the dollar rate and the type of visa. It will be informed on the day of the appointment. All consular fees must be paid via debit card or cash to the corresponding bank. We do not accept cash at this Consulate.

The regular visa process takes up to 5 working days. The expedited visa process takes 2 working days and requires the payment of an additional fee that will be added to the corresponding Consular Visa Fee. All applicants should be aware that the times given are current averages and are subject to seasonal fluctuations.

Passports with the stamped visas can be picked up in person or by someone else with corresponding authorisation, or using a prepaid, self-addressed returned envelope. You are advised to keep a record of your special delivery services so you can track down your documents. The Consulate shall not be responsible for delays or loss of documents incurred by the Post Office or the carrier once the documentation was delivered or sent by the Consulate.
Please contact us by email if you would like to request information about a visa that is not advertised on this website.