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If you are outside of Argentina and need to execute a power of attorney to be presented before argentine authorities, you may request a Power of Attorney at your nearest consular offices.
However, if unable to appear in person at the Consulate, you may sign your Power of Attorney before a Notary Public and finalize the process by requesting an Apostille at the FCO. 



The grantor of power must be over 18 years old and can only request the document in person at this Consulate.

The original notarial certificate with the grantor´s signature is kept for our records in our offices. You will receive the first notarial certified copy (called ‘primer testimonio’) one or two days after of your appointment.

You will be charged for the notarial certificate and the first notarial certified copy; the fees are per page which can include up to 25 lines each. Payments should be made only by debit card on the day of the appointment.

Once you received the first notarial certified copy,  you will have to certify the Consul's signature at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Argentina  (Esmeralda 1212, Ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina).

Please read our requirements carefully

1) Argentine ID (DNI);  if the grantor of power is Argentine. VALID PASSPORT; if the grantor of power is a foreigner. Argentine nationals CANNOT use their passports as proof of identity.  Originals must be shown on the day of the appointment.

The address shown of the script of the power of attorney must be your address in the United Kingdom.

2) Before your appointment, you will need to send to: the following documents/scripts (in word format):

a) The draft of the document/power of attorney must be produced by an Argentine lawyer. The draft needs to specify in detail the purpose, scope and attributions he or she wishes to grant.  

b) A copy of the ID or Passport of the grantor/s.

c) Details of the grantor/s: full name, argentine ID or passport in the case of a foreigner, nationality, date of birth,  full name of his/her parents, marital status and full address. CUIT, CUIL o CDI number if applicable, and a contact number during office hours.

d)  Details of the recipient/s of the power of attorney in Argentina: full name, address, DNI. 

e) Full name, professional registration number and contact number of the lawyer or public notary who has produced the draft.

Once we have received the requested information, we will contact you by telephone or email to coordinate an appointment. Due to high demand, please take into account that you there will be a 3-4 week gap between your first contact and the allocation of an appointment.

If you have further questions please contact us +207 318 1346 between 2 and 4 pm or